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Without all the massive equipment needed at a construction site, nothing can get done. This is where you, as the truck driver, come in. You’re responsible for hauling construction equipment and materials to and from all job sites. You must have a current valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) and a thorough knowledge of how to operate and maintain single and multi-rear axle trucks.
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Transports equipment and material. Performs pre-trip inspections and maintains a driver’s log book. Safely loads and unloads all equipment/materials over all terrains. Responsible for routine fueling, lubricating and servicing of vehicles. When not driving, must be able to also perform tasks involving physical labor.
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Work is outside at highway construction sites, in all kinds of weather. The normal workweek is 40 hours (eight hours a day for five days). However, some projects may require night, weekend, holiday work and overtime.
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Many training programs and community colleges can prepare you for exams that lead to both Class A and Class B commercial licenses. The Class A license is for big trucks such as rigs and trailers; the Class B license applies to straight trucks, such as delivery trucks.
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According to Salary.com 2023 salary information, the average salary for truck driver/CDL jobs in the Georgia highway construction industry is $54,000.
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Salary ranges in Georgia based upon information provided by Georgia highway contractors. These figures are averages and may vary from region to region within the state. With overtime, many workers earn well beyond the averages.


Below are some general hourly wages and annual salary ranges for Truck Driver/CDL jobs in the highway construction industry in Georgia. These figures are averages and may vary from region to region within the state.

Truck driver and cdl average wages graph for cdl jobs in Georgia
Average Entry-Level Pay
  • • $19.00 PER HOUR
  • • $39,500 PER YEAR
    Average Pay with Several Years Experience
  • • $22.00 PER HOUR
  • • $45,500 PER YEAR
    Average Pay with Most Experienced Worker
  • • $25.00 PER HOUR
  • • $52,000 PER YEAR


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