Georgia Traffic Control Flagger Jobs


There’s a lot more to this job than just flipping a sign from Slow to Stop. Your job is to keep workers safe. You need to be aware of everything going on, while you keep traffic and construction moving.


Controls traffic and often assists with the construction project itself. Sets up cones and safety barriers that show traffic where to drive, and holds up signs that tells traffic to either stop or to proceed slowly.

Work Conditions

Work is outside at highway construction sites, in all kinds of weather. The normal workweek is 40 hours (eight hours a day for five days). However, some projects may require night, weekend, holiday work and overtime.


Training is frequently on the job. The American Traffic Safety Services Administration (ATSSA) offers TCT certification that teaches the proper techniques and safety procedures. 


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage for TCTs in 2013 was $43,920.

Georgia Traffic Control Flagger Salary