Along with your biceps and triceps, you have to use your head.

What is Needed for Jobs in Construction

What it takes to get a road construction job

Every applicant is required to pass a drug test. You must also have reliable transportation – arriving at work on time is critical, and public transportation is rarely near a jobsite. 

What it takes to succeed

Hard Work 
Building roads requires mental and physical strength. Most jobs are outside so you will work in a range of elements – from cold winters to hot Georgia summers. Jobs can start very early in the morning, and can also require night and weekend hours. Impress your supervisor by completing your duties quickly and efficiently – no matter the time of day or jobsite conditions.

Team Work
Your supervisor, your company and your co-workers will rely on you every day. Pitch in. Help out. Prove yourself to be a team player. 

Is there a faster, better, more efficient way to complete your task? Run it by your supervisor. You’re there to learn, but you’re also there to think.

Communication Skills 
You need to be able to convey ideas and information verbally and in written form.

Technology Know-How 
Today’s heavy equipment is like playing a computer game with consequences. If you’re tech-savvy, this may be the path for you.

If your job requires you to work independently, you’ll need to organize your tasks, make decisions and solve problems on your own.

Math Skills  
Some road work jobs require you to perform mathematic calculations. Make sure you can perform them quickly and correctly.

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